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Gift for Team Reality!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Remember last year's team movie trailers courtesy of the awesomely amazing [ profile] sdwolfpup? Well, she's done it again!!! So much glee! Here is her offering for Team Reality:

Team Reality - Mountie Maguire
File size & type: 29 MB DivX AVI
Music: Jerry Maguire movie trailer
Source: Seasons 3 & 4 mostly
Vid by: SDWolfpup

Team Reality Drabble Tree

It is customary to exchange ghost stories around a campfire in the wilderness. -- A Likely Story

How It Works:

The first comment (which I will post as soon as I've posted this) starts it off. Take a line from that comment and build a new story (or continue a previous one) off it -- you can use it as a first line or you can work it in anywhere. Write as many as you want, but please, only one per comment. ETA: And I completely forgot to ask that you bold the line you borrowed, so everyone can see.

A drabble is a hundred words, but the reality is that sometimes a story works better with 90 or 105. We just want to get writing, not worry over word count.

Have fun, but not too much fun. Remember which side we're on!

Reality Mood Booster!

Rewatching dS for the Match, made me want to draw RayK and Fraser. And since it didn't turn out so bad, I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

Sort of as Team Reality Mood Booster. (Not that we'd need any mood boosting... We're gonna win!)

Hope it's okay to post it here. :-)

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Realistic Story Recs - Resource Post

Hi all,

Last Thursday I asked the members of [ profile] ds_team_reality to put together a list of recs for realistic stories they admire, or to name the stories that they felt best suited the Reality genre as they understood it. This list can serve as a resource for the team, help us understand the principles of realist fic a little better, and offer some good examples of winning story formulas. Here's what the team came up with!

Many, many fic links behind the cut )

If you have anything to add to the list, please feel free to comment here with a link to some of your favourite realistic fics!
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Team Reality sign-up post

Signing up for Team Reality:

Part of the joy of Due South is that despite the wacky hijinx, it always maintains, at its heart, a very real emotional truth--we aren't these guys, but we could be, on our best days, on our worst days. And what better way to celebrate that crunchy core of humanity and potential than to keep our feet firmly on the ground with some reality-based stories?

The grit of the city. The workaday world of a Chicago cop, pounding the pavement and maybe even pounding some skulls. Mr. Super-Mountie putting his pumpkin pants on one leg at a time. Mr. Super-Mountie being slightly less-than-sanguine about the sudden appearances of his dead father. But reality isn't all sweat and grease stains, either: it's also your favorite song coming on the radio at exactly the right time to lift your mood, or your partner knowing how you take your coffee, or a victory that you know damn well you earned. It's your first kiss with your best friend, or the door slamming behind him. It's what you know, it's where you've been, it's where you want to go next.

That's Team Reality.

Feel like digging in to a story like that? Wonderful! Read on...

[ profile] nos4a2no9 is your team captain and there are 13 places open. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can sign up yourself and only one other person. If you are signing someone else up, please do so in a SEPARATE comment. ALL writers must have written a fic of at least 1000 words (in any fandom) to be eligible to sign up.

We will mark the cut-off point in the comments when the team is full. We invite anyone who would like to join the team as an alternate/in order to write backup fic to please comment on the Backup Writer Signup Post, which will go live at 1 pm at [ profile] ds_flashfiction.

All set? All right! To join Team Reality, please comment below with your LJ name and email address. Thank you!! :D